38 Weeks Pregnant

I've made it to 38 weeks! It is so funny when your doctor and body convinces you that the baby will arrive early. I have had more painful contractions and misc. symptoms that delivery was imminent, yet here I am, still pregnant.

Don't mind the no make-up face. I am actually sick with some illness that has been traveling around the office. I stayed home from work so that I could go get some medicine for that, as well as have my 38 week check-up. Today, the doctor said that she doesn't think I will make it another week without having this baby! Crossing fingers and toes that she is right!

I am so excited to say that my maternity leave will begin on Monday! If baby stays put for a little while longer, I am definitely looking forward to a few days of recharging my batteries. If you follow me on twitter, my tweets have probably sounded a bit like a Debbie Downer. I have been having a lot of hormonally induced anxiety. I have not set limits in my life, and am beginning to feel burnt out. And this is no bueno when you are set to deliver a baby within 14 days!

December will be a hectic month. But, once the holidays settle down, I think that I will really enjoy the new rhythm of life with my family of 4.

Plus 2 dogs.

Thanks for still reading, friends,

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