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Made: Diaper Changing Pad Cover

by Stacie Bloomfield / 5 comments

I have been searching for a lovely changing pad cover for Lucy. Alas, all I found at target were fluffy polka-dotted pastel pads. Not really my taste. Then, I decided I would grab some of the scrap fabric I had lying around my studio and just whip one up for her! I winged it and did not follow a tutorial, but rather used one of Violet's old covers as a pattern.

After the fact, I remembered that Prudent Baby has an much simpler tutorial (which can be found here) for making a changing pad cover. And I am thinking of trying it out for the next 2 that I am making.

This fabric is rather bright and busy.With all of the other patterns I have going on in the room, I need to exercise some caution with anything else I bring into the room. But this was a great little afternoon project. Oh, and do you see the little diaper pale for Lucy's cloth diapers? It is actually a $15 air tight dog food holder from Lowes! A girl at a local baby store recommended getting one if I was using cloth diapers.

Which I am still totally confused about but determined to try.

That will be a whole other blog post for sure.


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  • Ms. Megan on

    I am loving her room!!! The patterns are all so beautiful together!!!!

  • Hannah B. on

    The nursery turned out beautifully, Stacie! So magical :)

  • Holly Surplice on

    The room looks lovely Stacie – I like all the pattern!

    Using cloth nappies is an absolute breeze, it’s the thought of it that is off putting. It is so much more enjoyable to change your baby when you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are using reusables and there are SO many fantastic and gorgeous nappies out there to choose from. Get All-in-ones (AIOs) as they really are fast at drying with the modern fabrics and are even quicker to put on than a disposable and less bulky than anything else.

    You can also get (which I used mostly) Birth-Potty nappies which grow with your baby and save you even more money. You may find them to look pretty big on a new born but that only lasts a matter of weeks and it’s great that they last for ever.

    The other thing that I think saved me an absolute fortune and what I would recommend to EVERYONE even those who are using disposables, is to invest in washable wipes! My goodness, you save so much money and they are SO SO much more efficient at wiping up the really mucky stuff than disposable wipes which I find just smear things about a bit! I used to be able to use one washable wipe to change a dirty nappy if it wasn’t too bad and then you just fling them in with your nappy wash or with your whites – so simple. I really recommend Cheeky Wipes as the best – you’ll be so glad you did!!

    Good luck with it all Stacie. Hope you have a safe and smooth delivery and we are all very much looking forward to seeing pics of little Lucy very soon! xxx

  • ...sarah. on

    Congratulations, from a new follower! She is lovely. And good luck with the cloth diapers! I have been using them for 21 months now, no regrets. Enjoy your babymoon!

  • tinsenpup on

    It’s gorgeous. It fits in beautifully.

    I’m sure that all will become clear as you experiment with the cloth nappies/diapers. I predict you’ll love them. They’re easy and so much nicer than disposable. I love the pail too. I might need something like that myself.

    I hope your birth is everything you wish for.

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