Cozy Corners and Family Blankets

A few weeks ago my mother came to visit and brought with her a lovely handmade afghan. It was made by one of my grandmothers (we don't know which one!). I remember sneaking into my mother's closet as a little girl and seeing the corner of this blanket tucked away with the family quilts. Secretly I would pull it down and lay it on my bed.

I've always loved the bright and varied colors. It just makes me happy :)

This visit, my mother decided to give it to me, and I am so excited! It really cozy's up the corner of my living room! It is so funny, because just last week in my etsy interview they asked me about favorite handmade possessions, and I didn't have one so I listed my husband's family quilt! Now I have a little handmade nugget of my own :)

Here's to cozy corners and rainy Wednesday afternoons :)
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