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Giraffe and Decals

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

I listened to you all and made a little giraffe fella to go along with the safari line of illustrations! I will be releasing them in April, along with....


I am uber excited about these wall decals. If you follow me on facebook or on twitter then you saw the sneak peeks I have been posting.

I will be offering the decals as individual animals or as a set! Still trying to decide on the right size of each animal though..... what do you think? Really really big (like 2 feet tall) or smaller?

Enough picking your brains for today! I feel energized creatively like I haven't felt in months.

Thanks for sticking around,


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  • megan lane on

    What a great idea Stacie! How exciting.

  • kristin on

    Ohhhh these are so cute! Love the giraffes. Can you do a variety of sizes or is that too cumbersome? Like a large or a small option of each animal?

  • Lois on

    Hi Stacie, I’ve tagged you! Look here to see your questions:


    I’d love it if you leave a link back to your blog once you’ve completed it (no worries if you don’t want to).

    Thanks love xx

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