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Front Porch Days

by Stacie Bloomfield / 5 comments

I often find that whenever I am starting to get that "climbing the walls" feeling, you know that emotion that comes occasionally when you are home with 2 kids, we go sit outside on the front porch.

We have actually been outside almost every day that isn't raining. Blowing bubbles, drawing on the sidewalk.

Especially when Lucy is a grumpy teething baby, the great outdoor seems like a magic cure. Seriously, the wind blowing in her face, and she gets all kinds of excited.

This Lucy girl is almost 6 months. Long brown hair, expressive eyebrows. The goofy smile she has when she kicks her legs in excitement because she sees her sister. She is my little joy.

Violet is a ballerina. She wears her outfit every moment she gets. She comes home from her Kid's Day Out program, and the 1st thing she does is run to her room and out she comes with a tutu.

"Mommy", she says, "I am a ballerina girl, and ballerina girls get cherry flavored lollipops, right?"

"Of course, dear."

"Mommy", she says, "I drew a picture of Nana on the sidewalk! Someday when I grow up I will be a Nana!".

"Um... let's wait a few years on that one, m'kay?"

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  • megan lane on

    haha! they are so precious! must be a relief that it’s finally warm enough to take them outside!

  • Tara @ My Wonderful Walls on

    Your family is beautiful! I agree it’s that kind of weather to get outside and just “be”. Enjoy it!

  • Anonymous on

    OMGosh! My youngest was the same! Inside she would scream and fuss alllll the time, but outside she was happy! We would lay her on a quilt on the grass and she would just stare around for ages! The power of nature hey! =)

  • Ness on

    oh gosh. I’m going to sound like an old lady now: I miss those days so much. You think they will never end and then POOF…she’s 13 and trades the tutu for a cheer uniform….

    thank goodness for outside.

  • Sweety Darlin on

    So fantastic! I love the pictures of the baby! What awesome expressions!

    Oh to have little ones again. They start to talk so much when they are older LOL

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