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A Study of Bears

by Stacie Bloomfield / 5 comments

Bears. I don't know why but I cannot stop drawing them. Perhaps because I call the little one "Lucy Bear". Perhaps because bears are just so dang cuddly.

Here's a little preview of some bear doodles I have done today. Thinking that the 2013 calendar might be all about bears.

Also, I always do a 4x6 desk calendar, but thinking of also offering a larger calendar! What say you to that idea?

What animals/things/objects would you like to see in the Gingiber Shop this year?


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  • Lilia on

    Those bears look adorable, how about a mid 2012 calendar? I cannot wait until next year!

  • Rebecca on

    Ooh I like the look of the slighly sleepy bear peeking out on the right hand side of the pic…a bear calendar would be great!x

  • Anne B. on

    Looks cute and great images for a calendar.

    Maybe sloths, penguins…

  • gabriellecato on

    The bears are wonderful! I saw on FB where you were going to make stamps of them and I will be needing all of them!

  • Tributary on

    I’m in love with the bears!

    Penguins would be a good idea…or how about jellyfish?

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