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Product Photography

by Stacie Bloomfield / 9 comments

Hi! I was so fortunate to receive a shop evaluation from Jan of Poppytalk Handmade. Among the many suggestions for my shop was to frame all of my prints to make them look higher end.

So, I bought this lovely warm wood Ikea picture frame, bought a dollar's worth of yellow buds from a local florist, and and set up a makeshift photo shoot area in my office.

I set up shop with a tripod, some foam board, and some natural light. You can see the bird's eye view here.

Jan also suggested using a children's prop for my more nursery themed prints. So wooden blocks it was! And conveniently, the blocks in this picture spell "BOYS".

Take a look at all of my updated product photography, if you would like.

What do you think?



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  • cranny + b on

    I love the changes that you’ve made, Stacie— and I am still loving the bear print that I ordered from you for my Graeme-bear’s room :)

    As a mama of two young ones and an Esty shop owner myself, I know how difficult it is to carve out the time to improve product photos. My hat is off to you— well done :)

  • Erin Virtue-Lawson on

    You are so much cooler than I am! That takes a big load off my psyche, let me tell you. Way less pressure to be cool myself. And someday we will have a nursery full of Gingiber stuff!

  • Ms. Megan on

    It looks beautiful!!

  • Faith on

    Fantastic! I agree with Jan, they look better than ever!

  • Rebecca on

    Love the set up with the boards around the window to capture the natural light! I recently bought a frame to do the same with my prints, it does make things look more professional!x

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