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How To Get To Sesame Street

by Stacie Bloomfield

Violet had her ballet recital last Sunday. She danced to the Sesame Street Theme Song. She was Big Bird. I was so happy to see Violet so happy about dancing. She was the youngest in her class, but dare I say she had that routine down? She's a natural. 

And, side note, costumes really haven't come that far, now have they? Above is a picture of me as a ballerina. I'm the blonde on the right. I know people don't think it, but Violet really does resemble me ;)

 Now that it is summer, though, ballet is on hiatus. And quite frankly I welcome the break. I am soooo not ready for this whole "filling every spare minute with extracurriculars" thing. 

We gave Violet a bouquet of Farmer's Market flowers at her recital and she just kept smelling them over and over again :) Such a little cutie. 

Okay, that does it for this weeks edition of "posts about my kids that no one but me may be interested in but I am going to write anyways." ;)



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