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Did I Show You The Bear Calendar?

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

Hiya. Sometimes I forget what I have shared on the blog. But I don't think I showed you the finished 2013 Bear Calendar, available for purchase here.

I think it is really cute! I love a fuzzy wuzzy bear.

And, all calendars (bear, owl, and fox) will ship this year with clear display easels FREE OF CHARGE!

I really wanted to give customers what they wanted, which was a better way to display their illustrated calendars. I am wanting to take a few more product photos of the calendar displayed similarly to the owl calendar. But for now I think these look cute.

My favorite months are March, April, January, and December. Which month do you like best?

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  • Faith on

    So cute! I think May and December are my faves!

  • cranny + b on

    December! And it’s my birthday month! :)
    Can’t wait to visit your shop and see all of the new goodies! I hope I find a gold print in there, wink wink!

  • Michelle on

    I love September and July! Great job.

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