Biggest Gingiber Shop Update EVER: Monday July 30th

 Get ready. Get set. Gingiber is about to have its biggest shop update EVER! We are talking Prints. Pillows. Stamps. Clothes. The works. 17 new items to be exact :)

And we are revealing our brand spanking new LOGO designed by the incredibly talented Eric Kass. You can head on over to the Shop Gingiber Facebook Page and catch a glimps of the logo. And while you are there you can "like" Gingiber on Facebook).
  So mark your calendars for Monday, July 30th for the Gingiber Shop Update (we moved up the update a day or too because we just couldn't wait to share all of the awesome with you).

Please drop by Gingiber 1st thing Monday morning to check out this MEGA update! Thanks and I cannot wait for you to see everything!

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