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When All Else Fails, Draw A Barn Owl

by Stacie Bloomfield / 2 comments

The picture is a bit blurry, but I drew a wee barn owl yesterday. Truthfully, I poured a great deal of energy and time into the line that I released last week, and I just feel like I need to clear the pipes. 

So why not draw an owl? I draw lots of owls. Owl calendars. Owlphabets. Friendly and feathered. 

Not sure what to do with this fella yet. I've been dying to design a tea towel, so maybe something wintery and black and white with this bird?

What do you think I should make with this owl?


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  • Caitlin on

    I would love to see tea towels in your shop- and owls are pretty on everything :)

  • Michelle on

    Ooo, I quite like this! I’m sure a tea towel would be nice, but I’m not really into fancy tea towels. I would definitely buy this as a print, and I also think it would make a fantastic fitted women’s t-shirt! It would look great with a dark tealish-blue background with white ink on a shirt. Or even a lovely dark grey with a white owl.

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