Tis The Season Holiday Cards & Some Rambling

Tis The Season.... To Be Jolly Cards are now available in the shop

Available in packs of 8 or individually, these illustrated cards are filled with beautiful detailing and gold and black hues. They are perfect card for the holidays.

Lately, well, I guess I should say, constantly, I work. I draw. I fill orders. I package. I plan new product. Fill wholesale orders. Return emails. Pretty standard for a small business run out of a spare bedroom.

I've been thinking about my future. And I know that I next year I am going to make some changes for a better balance in my life. Not sure exactly how it will look, but I want to enjoy life a bit more. Rarely do I really get dressed in the mornings, instead slouching around in pajamas or jeans and a shirt, running around, not able to give either my business nor parenting my full attention at any single given time.

I am still planning how next year needs to be different. More time for drawing. More time with my kids. Maybe actually hiring some help. Just a little help with packaging.

I've also decided not to do any more "flash sales" online. I just finished up a Fab sale. And it went really well. But I knew going into it that it would be my last. For many reasons. Business reasons. Personal reasons. But regardless, I just cannot afford to do them anymore. The prices are so low to customers because I make very little money per item (we are talking only $2 on some items) on the sales. I've always liked the idea of reaching a broader audience with these sales, while also allowing long time customers a chance to own Gingiber items for much less.

Now, as I am expanding my wholesale side of business, knocking on retailers doors, working on licensing some of my art, I do not want to "cheapen" my brand. I want to strengthen it. These flash sales are good. Especially for me who had invested quite a bit of money in new product development and needed some money quickly. But now I need to think about the big picture.

Thanks for reading, friends. Sometimes I just like to write it down. Put it out there.

Hope that you like the new Christmas Cards,

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