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Gingiber On The News And Other Tidbits

by Stacie Bloomfield / 1 comment

It has been a while, eh? It is amazing how priorities shift around as time goes by. I used to blog here daily. Now I just drop in from time to time :)

The holiday sales season has been crazy! I have been living off of coffee and adrenaline for the past month filling orders, drawing custom pet portraits, selling at shows, and simply living life. So, I decided that I NEED to schedule some down time. What better time to do that than during Christmas? 

Gingiber will be closed from December 20th-December 26th. I will still be answering e-mails (although not as quickly) and will be available to answer any questions about existing orders.

So shop now! Tomorrow (December 10th) is the last day to place an international order and have any chance of it arriving on time. December 20th is the USA deadline.

Booth at The Little Craft Show

In other news, I was on the local news this past Tuesday! It was art week, and I was thrilled to go to the Fox24 studio and talk briefly about Gingiber. 

You can watch the video here.

Oh, and big news, Nathan has his first job interview! 
Here's hoping that if this school is where we are supposed to be that everything will go smoothly :)


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  • megan lane on

    So much good news!! My iPad won’t let me watch the video, dang it! That is so cool you were on the news, how exciting for Gingiber. Glad to hear sales have been steady and also that you will be giving yourself a break – that will feel so good! Congrats to Nathan on his first job interview — Joel’s first is this week too :O This sure is a crazy time!

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