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52 Weeks of Dog Illustrations: Week 7: Dalmatian

by Stacie Bloomfield / 2 comments

Hey everyone. This week I drew a dalmatian. It was my favorite dog as a child. I collected dalmatians. I had around 54 stuffed dalmatians. I shouldn't say had.

I still have them. In plastic tubs. My poor husband inherited my giant stuffed animal collection.

I digress.

Nathan had a dalmatian as a child. Something just seems so right and sweet about a spotted pup.

This week's giveaway winner is: Lauryn Green

*I've decided to no longer give away weekly dog illustrations. Mainly because the cost of shipping internationally has gone up astronomically, and I just don't feel right not being able to offer this gift to my international friends*

I still hope that you will follow along with my 52 Week Project at 52weeksofdogs.com

Thanks so much,


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  • Ruby Hoppen on

    Beautiful! I really like this one, she seems sweet like Perdita from 101 Dalmations

  • Lauryn Green on

    Hi! I’ve send you an email, i’m Lauryn Green.
    My email is lauracaldentey@gmail.com

    Thank you!!

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