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Lion Pillow Pre-Order and Other Dribbles

Hi! I recently made this adorable custom lion pillow for a customer, and it turned out so lovely, I decided to offer them in the Gingiber Etsy Shop

(The cute pig pillow in the background will be available soon). I am really excited to expand the Gingiber Pillow selection :)

In other news, the little family and I have been spending a lot of quality time together. Mostly revolving around weekend trips to Bentonville for Indian food. I finally painted my bedroom a lovely shade of gray and purchased some new bedding (our old bedding had holes in it).

Oh, and total sidenote: I've lost 19 pounds! I have this silly Thyroid condition, and after months of changing medications and trying to get healthy, I've found a nice rhythm. I feel really really good :) A personal victory.

What's new with ya'll?


Posted by Stacie Bloomfield in etsy, personal, pillow, preorder


wow, 19 pounds?!? that’s amazing!! can’t get over how cute Scarlet is! and that lion pillow is adorbs.

Posted by Megan Lane on June 25, 2014

Those silly thyroids… they make it so hard to manage weight (and emotions), but yay(!) for you! We’re hoping to paint our bedroom gray this Summer. What shade did you go with?

Posted by Faith on June 25, 2014

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