Thank You!

ThankYou I wanted to take a moment and say a huge "THANK YOU" for making this week's website launch a huge success. I am so excited & invigorated for the future of Gingiber. This week was crazy. My darling daughter Lucy took a nasty spill and had to be rushed to the doctor. Fortunately she is okay. It just reminded me how no matter how hard I try, I cannot protect her from everything. She is such a dear, it just made me sick to watch her fall and get hurt so badly. Also, I ran over a dog the same day. It was probably the worst day I've had in a long time. But there were so many great things that happened throughout the week. I hired a 3rd member for Team Gingiber (more on that next week)! I really had no idea how much help I needed until I sat down with her and started sorting through tasks. Life is beautiful. Even the tough, crazy, unpredictable aspects we face everyday. Thanks for being a part of my life and reading, Stacie
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