Taking Something Off Of My Plate

e4cce3b2ace011e2971f22000a1f8c25_7 Right now I am laying in bed. At 2 in the afternoon. I just picked up Lucy from Kid's Day Out, and apparently she was tuckered out & needed to take a nap. I have so many thoughts swirling through my mind. Most of them revolve around my ability to run Gingiber successfully while maintaining that delicate balance of being a mother, wife, & friend. And the season of life I am in. My children are young. My husband is still searching for a job. And sometimes I have to let go of things in order to take care of what matters the most: my family. This weekend I was supposed to be a vendor at a show in Little Rock. And then life got int he way. Nathan has a lead on a job. And along with all of the other duties he has as an instructor at our local university, he needs time to focus on himself & this *possible* job. Now, the job is a long shot. Nathan & I are such a team, always adapting when the other needs support. And it was my turn to adapt & give him this weekend to prepare. There are other dribblings of details about our crazy week, but really, even though I hate to be "that person" who is bailing out on a show, I feel a great sense of peace. I could have forced my way to Little Rock & gotten there by the skin of my teeth, but really I needed to take a step back. For my family. So that's that. Life is short. Family means everything. And sometimes business must wait. -Stacie p.s. Do you like my new glasses? I get to wear them everyday now :)  
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