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Getting Ready for Market
6fda4c6ae4ef11e2b2fd22000a9e0875_7 I thought I would share about what I've been keeping busy doing. On a whim, I decided to participate in Beckman's Handcrafted Market, which is a temporary show at the Chicago Gift Market. Did I mention that the show is in 2 weeks? Yes, I am crazy. But I needed something to focus on. Pour all my energy into. And this came at just the right moment. Here's a little (rough( sneak peek at one of the walls of my booth. Because I am so late to the game on this, I am just working with the 3 white walls that are provided by the show. I actually have to ship everything to Chicago next week ahead of me. It is going to be insane! I hope that I can pull it all together in time. Wish me luck? I still have to print my order forms, make a few more samples, and get my display packed up. Stacie
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I love your work! I would totally buy one or more of your prints if I were there :) Haven’t checked through all your dog illustrations, but do you have one of a dachs or a jack russell? So inspired by what you do!

Posted by Kathrine on June 25, 2014

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