Our Oklahoma Adventure

3f2237eef17f11e29c1122000a1fba2c_7 I feel a blog post is in order because we moved to Edmond, OK! This all came about very quickly. Back in early June, we thought that we would be moving to Kansas City, MO for a job. However, seeing as how June was the worst month of our lives, the job fell through. And we were devastated. So we prepared to stay in Arkansas for 1 more year. I hired a new seamstress. Nathan began prepping for fall classes. And we hoped to settle into a routine. Then one afternoon I was in the backyard playing with my kids when I decided to check one of our infrequently used email account on my phone. I saw an email that was about a job opening in Oklahoma, and that Nathan was encouraged to apply. Within a week, Nathan was offered the job. And we had to move in 1 month! (Oh, and I threw in my first wholesale trade show in Chicago in the middle of all this activity, just for kicks. Or maybe because I thrive on stress. But that is a story for another blog post.) Last weekend we locked up our house in Springdale (which is currently on the market) and drove 3.5 hours away to our new town of Edmond. We are renting a house, and my studio is now occupying the extra living and dining rooms. It has been a whirlwind of activity. Honestly if we were to write down all of the insane things that have happened to our family this summer, it would look like the plot of a telenovela! We don't know anyone in Edmond. No family here. We just packed up and left. We are praying that our home sells in Arkansas soon. This year will be our little Oklahoma adventure. Nathan's job is only for a year, so soon enough we will be back on the job market, moving again. I cannot begin to explain how stressful life has been. I've kept the business mostly up and running while taking care of the girls & orchestrating a move. Plus, my life was in Arkansas. My friends were there. And I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to everyone. Right now I am so busy I haven't had time to think about how lonely it is. But I sure do hope that soon I will find a way to plug into my new community. So thank you all for your patience over this summer. Life is weird. I hope that change is good. And I hope that my family will thrive here in Oklahoma.  
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