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Limited Edition Buffalo Pillows

Limited Edition Buffalo Pillow. Click Here to Purchase.

So I moved to  Oklahoma. Apparently, Oklahoma is a land where there is a buffalo picture or statue on every corner. And I love it! In honor of my new state, I decided to release 100 of these Limited Edition handmade Buffalo Pillows! They are larger than my other handmade pillows, and would look good in any house or dorm room. BuffaloPillow1(610) Do you like it? I am really really pleased with how these turned out :) I am so excited for all of the amazing opportunities coming my way. I have a couple of big collaborations in the works. I have the holiday line finished & photographed. I have spent the entire year of 2013 trying to up my game. Trying to make Gingiber a brand that has staying power. And, trying to find a way to balance family & the handmade life. I've hired a new seamstress to help me sew pillows. And honestly it is going to be a huge relief! I spend almost 70% of my work time sewing pillows. Not really much room in there for innovation. What else would you like to see for Gingiber? Photographs by Molly Thompson  
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found you from a beautiful mess — love love your work!

Posted by petal and plume on June 25, 2014

Hi Stacie! Found you on ABM and read that you’re in Edmond now! :) My boyfriend lives there and I’ve been out several times! I’m hoping you’re liking it and taking advantage of the downtown OKC summer events :) Just wanted to let you know about a great church with several campuses near you! Love for you to stop by lifechurch.tv and find which campus works best for you, they’d absolutely love to have you! :)

Posted by Nina on June 25, 2014

I love it! Buffalo are AWESOME and yours is beautifully illustrated. Very serious but also stylish. You make me wish I could draw! But I’ll stick to sewing ;)

Posted by Samantha - Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog on June 25, 2014

I would love to hear more about how you juggle being creative, getting the work done, doing the admin stuff, spending time with family and actually having a life! We make it seem so simple in the blogsphere. Hearing real life reports from behind the scenes is always so refreshing and inspiring. Thanks!

Posted by Kathrine on June 25, 2014

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