Quiet October

11f5e36c376911e3bc4e22000aaa05b3_7 I thought it was time to blog. Since we moved to Edmond, OK I pour myself into work. My little home studio is filled to the brim with pillows, cardboard boxes, and prints. I rarely leave my house unless I am picking up the girls from Kid's Day Out or meeting a seamstress to pick up pillows. Oh, pillows. I have a love/hate relationship with them. The pillows are one of my favorite products, but the demand has been so much higher that I have spent most of my work time sewing. Even though I have the help of a PT seamstress, it takes a lot of time. I did, however, hire another helping hand today! I am hoping to be able to offer the pillow wholesale again next week. I've poured so much time this year into making Gingiber a more professional brand. I am so proud of it! I love it when people respond positively to my work. I have had some dream collaborations in the works, plus an opportunity to branch out into licensing my artwork. Something I am very excited about! When you are so married to your art, the ebb and flow of business feels so personal. A good day of business makes me feel like I am on cloud 9. A slow stretch of sales results in self deprecation. I just want to provide for my family. I want to feel rooted. We might be moving again this summer since Nathan's job is only good through May. I don't want to connect like I should in OKC because it will be harder to say goodbye when we move again. Right now I am sitting in Lucy's nursery watching her play. I wish there was some formula for success. Some way to make sure that everyone's needs are met. To make sure that I am taking care of myself so that I can be the best me possible. Sometimes I feel like we will never be settled. That I'm not meant for real relationships with friends. Somehow I missed the memo about how I am supposed to be around other people. At least my dog likes me. And my girls think that I am okay. Any my husband loves me. And I have Gingiber. .
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