A Lovely Night at The Social Club

I was so thrilled when The Social Club asked if they could display my 52 Weeks of Dogs series in their adorable shop. They've been one of our favorite local to Oklahoma retailers and it was so fun to spend some time there! We got free cake, champagne, and it was so rewarding to see every single one of the 52 dogs on display in one place. So many thank you's to everyone who came out for the fun. It was a blast!  Social Club-5 Social Club-6 Social Club-7 Social Club-14 Social Club-16 Social Club-17 Social Club-18

Perrodin Supply sighting!

Social Club-19 Social Club-24 Social Club-27  

Go, Team Gingiber! Angie was greatly missed!

  Social Club-28 Social Club-29  

P.S. All 52 of the dogs are available for purchase in the shop!

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