Let's Have A Gingiber Picnic

It is full on balmy down at Gingiber headquarters this time of year. The best thing about the heat is that it brings on our favorite summertime activities, like having a picnic with family and friends. Here are a few of our favorite items that you must have at your next shindig!

First, we must start with my favorite accessory, the picnic basket!


This basket by Poppytalk was made especially for Target and is so beautiful.  We love that it’s spacious inside and flat on top for multiuse. Plus, the woven pattern is intricate and adds just the right pop of color to an already lovely basket.

Oftentimes when we pack up our sandwiches we like to use a Gingiber tea towel to do the job. 

Not only do they keep our stuff fresh, but they also make a perfect, no mess placemat to eat on and a quick clean up for your face and hands. Plus they add charm to our experience, and who doesn’t love that? 

Thirsty? Us too!  We love to squeeze up a fresh batch of lemonade to take with us as we munch on our food. Our favorite container to take along for the meal is the Ikea bottle with stopper.

We have had this bottle for years now and it is super easy to fill and keep in the fridge to keep cold and ready when you are. It holds 34oz, so it’s big enough for a couple of friends to share. Pick up two bottles and fill one with our latest favorite beverage, cold water and a squeeze of lime.

One of our biggest dilemmas when going to eat outdoors is what to bring to sit on. The blankets we have are either too bulky to carry or too old (read family heirlooms) to put on the ground. Then we found these stunning waterproof picnic blankets on Etsy made by Modern Cabin. 

There are a variety of patterns and they convert into an easy to carry bag, complete with straps, plus a hidden zipper pocket for storage. Each blanket is made to order in a variety of sizes, so you can get it pretty much as big as you could want it.  Did I mention that it’s waterproof? I can’t tell you how many damp bums we will avoid because of this wonderful feature!

When eating away from home, we like the ease of not having to do much clean up afterward.  Most paper plates we find are just plain ugly. Not this summer! 

Thanks to Target partnering with Oh Joy!, there are adorable paper plates to make our outings both cute and easy to clean.

So that wraps up our favorite summer picnic items. We’d love to hear about what you would add to your picnic outing.

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