Suprise Packages Tomorrow & Why We Sell Them


It is Stacie. Man, I really don't blog much lately. I am 5ish months pregnant, & am still recovering from relocating twice in 10 months. My husband started a new job this week and my oldest started kindergarten. Life has been a constant game of catch-up.

I have been busy hiring new seamstresses, training a new assistant, and working remotely with my ever so awesome sister, Angie. Gingiber has experienced tremendous successes this year (like our Land of Nod collaboration), but I feel incredibly disorganized on my end.

Accidentally ordering 1,000 of the wrong sized backer boards and sleeves? Making dozens of pillows, only to realize that my unopened boxes in the corner of my office are filled with them already? Yeah, we are sitting on a lot of random inventory that has been boxed up for a while. We have relocated Gingiber headquarters 5 times in the past year! And it is time to clean out the closet, so to speak.

We love to offer "surprise packages" instead of just adding random quantities of products to our clearance section. I really love a surprise and a bargain. I love to read the Instagram comments from my customers who are excited about purchasing one! It is really encouraging to me. It validates what I do. So thank you in advance for the support!

I think of it as a win/win for you and me! Plus we probably won't have any more surprise boxes again until the holidays.

Someday I dream of having a huge local warehouse sale so that people can just come in and purchase as they please. But for now, surprise packages rock!

Happy purchasing! Tomorrow at 10 AM the sale will be live here at :)

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