Gingiber Is Relocating (AGAIN)

Gingiber Is Relocating (AGAIN)

Gingiber Springdale Studio

We've had an exciting year at our downtown Springdale, AR studio. We put a ton of love into this little space. We put down new wood floors. We painted. We styled it & really tried to bring the Gingiber brand to life! And I loved this space and had great plans to expand my retail hours, host crafting events, and solidify my presence in our beautiful historic downtown.

Gingiber Studio Wall

However, a year later, we find ourselves with a great opportunity to relocate just down the street! Our new location is 117 W Emma Ave, right across from one of my favorite stores, Cellar Door Antiques. I'm so excited to make our new location feel like home.

Cute Gingiber Studio Downtown Springdale, AR

I've been Pinning and dreaming about how to decorate it just right. But of course we are moving over Christmas break, which means the name of the game is "get from point A to point B as quickly as possible".

Gingiber Bluebird Wall

It is daunting, moving our location AGAIN. This is like the 7th location on 3 years. And I'm tired of moving. BUT I am hopeful that this location will have all the magic that we need to grow Gingiber to its full potential.

Gingiber Reindeer Onesie

Say a prayer, friends, if you can. I'm feeling really overwhelmed with the challenges in the business from 2015. It was not the year I had hoped for. Still successful, but I feel like we've hit a growth wall, and I'm anxious to troubleshoot our "hiccups". Of course we need these pesky distractions, such as moving the studio, to be over and done with!

Goodbye Gingiber Studio

I want to focus on bringing our kids apparel line back to life! I want to draw the cutest animals to hang in your nursery. I want to be able to take on more licensing projects with partners that I adore (such as The Land of Nod or Tree and The Rock). And, I NEED for Gingiber to grow by leaps and bound. We are taking some HUGE risks in 2016 and I am praying that they pay off!

Here's to 2016. May the best truly be yet to come.

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