Gingiber Giveaway

Gingiber Giveaway


I've teamed up with a BUNCH of my favorite illustrators to participate in a month long giveaway palooza! Each day a different illustrator will share an original piece of art that they will then give away to one lucky winner!

Here's my piece:
Gingiber Bison

To win, 

Answer the questions below. The first person with all correct answers posted on my Instagram page wins! 

P.S. all of the trivia is television related, because I LOVE television more than maybe even coffee…. and that is saying a lot!

1. Who was originally cast as Sarah Braverman on "Parenthood"?

2. What was the original title for "Saved By The Bell"?

3. Sean Gunn appeared on "Gilmore Girls" as 2 different characters. What are their names?

4. "Friday Night Lights" fans: What Disney Movie did Scott Porter star in before his staring role on FNL?

5. Who originally was cast as Sookie St. James on "Gilmore Girls"?

6. Why was "About A Boy" cancelled by NBC? This is not a right or wrong answer. I just NEED to know your opinion!!!!

Head on over to my Gingiber Instagram and leave your answers in the comment section. The first person to answer all of the questions correctly wins the print! 

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