Fireplace Makeover: Before and After

Disclaimer: The Smart Tiles sent me these tiles for my own personal use. I was not paid for this post and all of the thoughts in this post are my own!

Fireplace Makeover!

When we purchased our dream home back in September, I saw that it was full of so much potential! I was dreaming of making over every inch of this 1990's house, and the first room I wanted to tackle was the master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Before

However, the master bedroom had something in it that a simple coat of paint couldn't fix: a tiled fireplace that needed some TLC. I am a pretty busy lady, so even though a DIY project of removing and re-tiling the fireplace was *possible*, it wasn't ideal for the time being.

Tile Before

I began searching Pinterest for a simple solution to cover up the peach colored tiles. At first I thought I would paint over the tile with chalk paint and a decorative stencil finish. However, you can see that here that the chalk paint did not stick to the surface of the tile.

Peeling Paint

I was really bummed out (especially since I had found so many blog posts referencing their own success with painting over tile with chalk paint). I started searching again for a fireplace makeover solution, and that is when I found The Smart Tiles: a peel and stick sheet of tiles that was easy to install and was really nice looking. I read that it was safe to install around fireplaces (SCORE) and came in a great subway tile finish. I reached out to The Smart Tiles to see if they would send me some product to try out and they agreed! A week later my Smart Tiles arrived and I was so eager to get the project started!

The Smart Tile

Installation was very simple and straight forward. I used a metal ruler and a utility knife to measure and cut my tile to size. I started installing in the lower right corner of the fireplace, then worked my way across the bottom and then up. The tiles are really easy to install as they have an overlapping "grout" line where the sticker edges meet. Installation took me about 2 hours. And, the transformation was really lovely!

After! The Smart Tile Fireplace Makeover

I've had them up for a month now, and I am very very happy with the results. They look really lovely and are light and bright. I will say that my bedroom is fairly humid, and I think consequently I have had a *tiny* bit of peeling along the edges of the tiles in just a few places. You really cannot tell there is any peeling unless your eyes are right on the tiles. I didn't see any other reviews of this problem on any other blog posts about the product, so I felt I would mention it here.

The Smart Tiles Fireplace Makeover!

I am in LOVE with my master bedroom now. I will post a full tour of my bedroom very soon! Thanks so much The Smart Tiles for the product!

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