Free Digital Sloth Downloads!

Free Digital Sloth Downloads!

A digital phone and desktop wallpaper with your favorite sloth illustration is now available! Our sloth enamel pins are a hot seller - perhaps because we all see a little bit of ourselves in that sweet, slumped smile. Inspired by Gingiber's Hang in There greeting card, our sloth digital downloads remind you to hang around with people who make you smile.

phone sloth wallpaper

It's a new season, and you'd be surprised how changing your tech will brighten your day. Even if you are not someone who's always looking for a new lockscreen or desktop wallpaper, we check our phones so many times a day that a subtle, happy reminder like our sloth will add bounce to your step!

I'm MJ, graphic designer/blogger and owner of the lifestyle brand, Good in Store. I'll be hopping on the Gingiber blog every week to share new - FREE - printables and downloads that feature Stacie's fun illustrations. Yes, I said it - free! And we have some really cute creations lined up in the coming weeks!! It's a weekly treat for all of you Gingiber lovers out there to thank you for your support, purchases, and good humor (because life's a little better with a sense of humor, no?).


Ever since the iconic DMV scene in Zootopia featuring sloths, these lovable creatures have come into their own. Taking life at a slower pace wouldn't be so bad! And sloths have an expression of joy no matter how minute their movements might be. If you or a friend are a sloth lover, show your adoration with a sloth tea towel or art print.


Is there a creature you'd like to see come to life as a free download? Stacie has a virtual zoo. Add your ideas in the comments below. I totally read them and will put your ideas in the hopper.


Until next week, when we bring you something extra cute for your kitchen...

Helping to add more zest to your nest.

xoxo, MJ










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