Free Printable Farmer's Market Card

Free Printable Farmer's Market Card

Our free printable notecard is a sweet addition to a bouquet of farmer's market flowers! We re-imagined a favorite print with a new color palette and words from the artist, Henri Matisse. Tie it around a bouquet, and you have a lovely gift (or treat for yourself).

Trips to the farmer's market are a favorite weekend activity for our family. Sometimes it's the smell of fresh, hot pretzels that draws us in or the broad array of color in the vegetable crop. No matter what the season, I love walking away with a bouquet of flowers, and the bunches from a local farmer's market never disappoint.

With the joy of these blooms in mind, we created a new printable for you (reminiscent of these cute wedding cards).


Henri Matisse, French artist, is quoted to have said, "There are always flowers for those who want to see them." What an awesome sentiment and a reminder to open our eyes to the beauty right around us.

You can print and fold the card, pop it into a spare envelope, and send it off as a thinking of you gesture to a friend. You can also use the image as a mini print and offer it as an everlasting bouquet to someone you love!

Keep your Snapple glass bottles and other glass containers and clean them well! When you come across a beautiful bouquet or have a bunch of fresh blooms in your yard, fill up the inexpensive (and sometimes fun-shaped glass bottles) with flowers, tie the farmer's market print and take it to a neighbor! Or bring it into work to make someone's desk much brighter. Once the flowers have faded, the friend will be left with a beautifully illustrated quote to enjoy.

We love illustrating your greetings! Shop our entire collection, and be sure to leave a comment and let us know when you send the most cards . . . birthdays, encouragement, congrats, or something else?

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