Too Many Ideas? How to Narrow Them Down and Make Smarter Decisions

It seems that as creatives, we often go through cycles where we flow from being totally uninspired, to being completely overwhelmed with all of our ideas and goals. Both ends of this cycle can be crippling.

I've already touched on a few things I like to do when I need inspiration, so I thought that today I'd give a little advice on what to do when you've got waaayyy too many new ideas on your plate and are feeling pulled in too many directions.

1. Start with low hanging fruit.

What are the projects you can complete quickly using work that you've already done? Think about things that will be more passive for you, maybe even digital products that don't require shipping. Do you have a piece of artwork that you love? Turn it into a downloadable embroidery pattern or coloring sheet!

Do the work that you can take care of as quickly as possible without needing additional resources. So, if you don't have art supplies for needle felting but really want to make a work of art, use the supplies right in front of you and save needle felting for a different day.

2. Go where the money is.

Look at your list of ideas and goals. Focus on each one and imagine what they could lead to. Sort out your top ideas that have the potential to bring in the best income in your dream scenario! Visualize it, and then start taking steps to make it happen.

If you're a designer, maybe you've thought about stepping into the world of art licensing and surface design. (P.S. This Spring I will be teaching a full 8-week, in depth course on everything you need to know to build an art licencing career! Enrollment Opens May 20th. Click here to learn more!)

Think about ways you can create more passive income. If you love teaching workshops and classes, consider creating some online courses that people can take all over the world! Digital products and passive income are powerful tools that will support you while freeing you up to make more art and pursue more of your goals.

3. Listen to your gut.

A decision might spark feelings of self doubt, but if your gut is telling you to go for a goal, do it with gusto. Don't let fear hold you back.

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