Where Do Ideas Come From? A Guide on How to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

We've all been there. We gather all of our favorite art supplies, sit down to create something, and then we get stuck staring at a blank canvas. Sometimes it can be a little challenging to figure out "what's next" on our list of creative to-do's!
So I've created a little list of my favorite tips and tricks that I use to keep the ideas and inspiration flowing for my own work.

Keep a notepad (a physical one, or a list app on my phone) and write down thoughts as soon as you have them.

This is a big one! I often find that if I don't write down an idea right away, I can't think of it later. I always write down all of my ideas and then I review them later. Sometimes ideas I'm not quite sure about at first will spark new ideas that I love later!

Go for a Walk.
I take walks as often as I can! There's just something magical about being outside among the trees and fresh air that gives me the best mental clarity. I often listen to my favorite music, audio books, or podcasts while I daydream in the park.

Watch a movie and be inspired by a phrase I hear or colors you see.
Some of my favorites are Anne with an E, Little Women, and Wes Anderson movies.

Find inspiration from fine artists at museums.
I'm lucky enough to live around 20 minutes away from Crystal Bridges, a beautiful modern art museum. As often as I can, I love walking around and taking in all of the different styles, subjects, and mediums of the artwork there. I also usually hunt down a new museum to explore whenever I travel!

Song Lyrics & Poetry
Sometimes my inspiration comes from quotes or phrases from my favorite songs or poems. Occasionally I'll illustrate the quote itself, and other times it just leads to another idea I can add to my list!

Conversations with friends
One of my favorite ways to be inspired is to spend time with my friends that I can bounce ideas off of. Often they will have different thoughts and perspectives than I do and it leads to the best conversations. I always leave these talks filled with inspiration!

So in short, if you're feeling creatively stuck, try not to worry about it too much! Often I find that the best thing to do is to take a step back, get outside, turn my brain off for a little while, and do things that bring me joy. I hope this list was helpful, and that soon you find yourself absolutely overflowing with ideas!

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