Woodland Stitch-A-Long: Everyone Belongs

Hello! So sorry for the delay on this! I have been incredibly busy behind the scenes here at Gingiber. However, I've hired some HELP so that things will be smoother from here on out!

Difficulty Level: Beginner: back stitch and running stitch

Length of Time to Complete: 4 Episodes of "Fuller House"

Guest Stitcher: My 10 year old daughter, Violet


"Woodland Stitches" Book (available for purchase here)

1 Embroidery Hoop

1 Flour Sack Cotton Tea Towel (or cotton fabric of your choosing)

1 Embroidery Needle

4 Colors of DMC Embroidery Floss (Violet chose pink, red, black, and green)

Okay, here we go!

1. First, cut out your pattern along the dotted line.

2. Tape your pattern to a light source. Violet used the office window. Then, tape your fabric right on top of your pattern so the light will shine through and you can trace your pattern right onto your fabric. Tip: It took Violet about 10 minutes to trace my pattern. She decided not to trace the little dots in the pattern. Totally fine!

3. Next, remove your fabric from your window and put it inside of your hoop! Then, jump right in. Violet started with the words. She used 2 strands of black floss for the words and use a simple back stitch to go all the way around the text.

4. After you outline your text, grab 1 strand of green floss and outline your leaves. She used a simple back stitch.

5. Violet decided to not let me photograph her for a little while because she didn't like it. So I will summarize what she did next: She used 1 strand of the pink floss for half of the flower buds, and 1 strand of the red floss for the other flower buds. Then she used 1 strand of the black floss to do the little "v" embellishments.

6. And then, you are DONE! I think this is a fun, easy, uplifting embroidery. My daughter loved making it!

OKAY! GET TO STITCHING! We have 2 weeks to work on this pattern, and then we will move onto the next one. Share your progress as you go! Tag @gingiber on Instagram and then use hashtags #woodlandstitchalong and #woodlandstitches so that I can see and share your progress in my IG stories!

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