Woodland Stitch-A-Long: Fox Portrait

by Faith Nelson

Woodland Stitch-A-Long: Fox Portrait

Hello again friends! This is Faith, back again for another Stitch-A-Long. This week I did the Fox Portrait, and it was so quick and simple to do!


Difficulty Level: Beginner: back stitch

Length of Time to Complete: 6 episodes of "Single Parents"


"Woodland Stitches" Book (available for purchase here)

1 Embroidery Hoop

1 Flour Sack Cotton Tea Towel (or cotton fabric of your choosing)

1 Embroidery Needle


2+ Colors of DMC embroidery floss (I used black and dark red)


Okay, let's get started!

First we'll need to transfer the pattern to our fabric. Cut the page out of the book on the dotted line (or, if you're #savage like me, you can tear it out).

Next, find a light source! Normally I'd tape the pattern and the cloth to a window, but it was nighttime when I did this. So I ended up using an old light box I had in my studio's closet, and it worked just as well, if not better.

Then, using a pencil, trace the pattern onto the fabric!

Once the pattern is traced, mount it in your embroidery hoop nice and tight. Thread your needle with your first color! I used 2 strands of dark red DMC floss.

Bonus points are given if you have a kitty cat to help you.

You may notice an enamel-looking pin on my hoop that looks like a potted plant. If you're unfamiliar, this is called a Needle Minder - it's a magnetic pin that holds your needles while you're not using them. Which is great for me, because I misplace my needles all the time. 

So this pattern is super simple and easy to do, and can be completed in basically 2 steps.

So first I outlined nearly the entire fox with the red using the back stitch.

Then I went in and outlined the ears, tail, feet, eyes, and chest with black thread, also using the back stitch.

I decided to get fancy and used a baby satin stitch to fill in the dots of the eyes. You could also fill in any other parts of the fox that you like using the satin stitch if you wanted to add something extra!

And there you have it! A sweet little fluffy fox, made in less than 2 hours. I hope you enjoy it!



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