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Together: A Mommy + Me Coloring Book by Gingiber for Paige Tate


You can purchase our new coloring book "Together: A Mommy + Me Coloring Book" directly through the Paige Tate and Co website. Gingiber Coupon Codes not valid for this purchase.

To purchase, CLICK HERE via the Paige Tate and Co Website.

Stacie Bloomfield, illustrator behind the popular children's brand Gingiber, brings her adorable animal illustrations to the world of coloring! These illustrations are sweet enough for children but smart enough for adults, and the book contains one coloring page for you and one coloring page for your child!

Finally, a beautiful AND fun coloring book that you and your child can do together. Go on an adventure right in your living room! Dive into the ocean with charming whales and adorable narwhals! Explore the outdoors with lovable foxes, deer, and bears! Hit the safari with enchanting giraffes and elephants and so many more adorable creatures. With one page for you and one page for your child, you can sit side-by-side and create magic together. There are 26 illustrations for moms and 26 illustrations for kids, printed on high quality premium paper with perforations. Every 8×10 page is removable, making coloring together easy, and your finished creations easy to frame! This is truly a book that you and your child will love. Together.

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