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Vision Board E-Course

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Welcom to Gingiber's first e-course. **You will receive you log in credentials in a separate email after you purchase within 24 hours of purchase.**

Visualize the life that you want with me, Stacie Bloomfield. I will teach you how to make your own vision board and how to use this tool to make your dreams a reality!

After years of people asking me how I turn my dreams into reality, how I accomplish so much, and how I keep growing, I’ve decided to teach YOU how to do the same. The key for me? Making a vision board. That’s right! I’m a visual person, and for me there is nothing more motivating than visualizing the life that I want each and every day. I’ve shown in my IG stories my vision board technique (look at my saved stories to see), and now I’m ready to teach you how to make a vision board that will help you: make goals, dream big, work hard, and create that big amazing life that you’ve always wanted.

Things that I’ve put on my vision board that have become a reality:

- working with dream clients

- meeting revenue goals

- running a successful online business

- finding a literary agent and writing a book

- health and wellness goals

- $$$ savings goals

- And so many more!

Who is ready to dream big with me this year? 

Customer Reviews

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Great course!

I've always been someone who loves making goals but I've never gone through the process of visualizing them. I appreciated Stacie's way of explaining how to do so and have gained a lot of clarity by following her method. I would recommend this course to anyone who often finds themselves getting stuck in the phase between goal-setting and implementation, especially if you consider yourself a visual person.

E Course

When I first opened the course I watched the first 5 videos, then took some time to work on my categories and brainstorming worksheet. While I was working on those, my husband asked what I was doing, so I explained to him what I was doing and why I felt it was so important. A few days later I noticed and he had also taken some time to create his own categories and brainstorming session! We then shared them with one another and I think it gave both of us a better idea of what we wanted to accomplish-we even had some similar goals! Today I finished the remaining videos and will now work on putting together my vision board digitally. This has been a great experience for me, and I'm hopeful that it will bring the change to my life that I've been searching for! GREAT JOB STACIE!

Great course!

Very helpful! Thank you!! :)