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holiday house tour (lots of pictures)

by Stacie Bloomfield / 7 comments

My couch that I reupholstered with an Urban Outfitters bedspread (sheet covering the cushions to protect from baby and dogs...)
  So I wanted to show you some more pictures of my house! It is slowly coming together... and I'm not just talking the Christmas decor aspect of it.
  My little house has gone through a lot of trauma since its purchase last year. We have endured a kitchen remodel, 4 floods, removal of all carpet, cement floors (of which many rooms still have instead of suitable flooring), leaky chimneys, and moldy showers.......
  Today, my friends, I will share with you the few things in my house that make me happy. Some of these rooms you may have seen already in the background of previous photos. Nevertheless, here it goes! Sorry about the quality. You take what you can get with your i phone.

My Christmas tree with unwrapped presents
My armchair that I reupholstered in BLUE VELVET... (I heart it)
Branches from my tree from which my Christmas Cards hang
Entryway closets, covered in chalkboard paint
Dining Room, Chalkboard paint on top of white wainscoting, AND my cherry red dresser that I refinished!
Violet Clementine! (I like her most of all!)
My Happy Yarn Wreath! (It needs some flowers or something!)
I hope that you like my house! I will post more pictures as it gets prettier! oh, and check out my etsy for last minute holiday goodies!

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  • la fille dans la forêt on

    I love this! The couch is great and I love the chalk board paint on the closet doors! Such a good idea. :)

  • Leslie on

    Your house is so great!!! You are seriously the most talented girl! Glad my Christmas card made the tree!

  • Jackie on

    I’ve been checking your blog recently but just realized I never became a follower! Oops!

    Anyway, I love the tree branch and ornament idea. I might have to try this at my house.

  • Gingiber on

    Thanks for the kind words! Now if I can only find a way to have some new flooring through the house, I will be in great shape!

  • Dominika on

    Stacie it all looks GREAT! I agree with Leslie you are most seriously the most talented girl. I really really really love your blue chair.

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