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Merrily Sewing Pattern Corrections for Moda

Merrily Quilt

Hi Friends! I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that Merrily for Moda Fabric has sold incredibly well! We were thrilled that so many stores ordered the fabric, and that this upcoming Christmas there will be sweet GIngiber critters to help decorate for the holidays.

The bad news, to be honest, is that this was my first time having sewing patterns written and sold for Moda. And, it turns out there are a few mistakes in the pattern books. BUT I am publishing the pattern corrections right here, so that if you happened to get one of the patterns and have discovered a problem, we will address it.

You know the best part of making a mistake like this? You learn how to do it better the next time! So, for our upcoming collection, Savannah, we are going to be extra vigilant about finding errors before we go to print!

Merrily Pattern G002:

On the back fabric requirements it says:   9.5" x 10" panels,  it should say 9" x 10.5" panels.  Because on page one, it says to cut panel down to 8.75" x 10.5".

Also on page one, increase the Fabric B strips to 1.5" to accommodate the seam allowance.  

The four blocks on the side finish at 2.75" (3.25" minus seam allowance .5) ,  2.75 times four equals 11" then you have to add .5 back on for the two outside ends 1/4" allowance.  
So the four blocks sewn together will be 11.5"  and the  panel at 10.5 + 1" fabric B will only give you 11", so make the fabric B 1.5" and all is good.

Jolly Wall Quilt Pattern G003:

The dimensions for trimming the panel are incorrect.  They do not take into account the seam allowances on the pieced strips.  The panel should be trimmed to:  17" X 19.75".

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Posted by Stacie Bloomfield

"Together" Mommy and Me Coloring Book by Gingiber for Paige Tate

Together Mommy and Me Coloring Book by Gingiber
Gingiber's First Coloring Book, "Together: A Mommy & Me Coloring Book" is now available at Paige Tate and Co's website! It is a Mommy + Me Coloring Book and I am thrilled with how it turned out. There is a page for moms, and a page for kids, each with a matching theme! Color together, and enjoy some Gingiber animals.

Gingiber is Hiring!

Become part of the Gingiber Team! Currently accepting applications for:

Creative Marketing Intern: Gingiber is looking for a bright and sharp intern to become a temporary part of our crew. That means that you’ll tackle real challenges, do real work and create real results for a real company.


- Part-time

- Position to start week of October 10th

- Work under the guidance of owner Stacie Bloomfield

- Paid internship


- Assist with social media calendar planning and execution

- Design assets for: social media, Gingiber websites, enewsletters, advertising 

- Design within the Gingiber style and brand aesthetic 


- Adobe Creative Suite experience, with emphasis in Photoshop

- Above average design skills

- Ability to design within existing aesthetic

- Ability to meet strict deadlines

- Positive disposition and strong work ethic


- Email a short introduction and a link to examples of your work to hello@gingiber.com by end of day Friday, September  30th, 2016.

Customer Service Rep: Gingiber is looking for a personable and detail oriented person to join our team! That means that you’ll be the contact person that our customers interact with, problem solve issues when they arise, and represent the Gingiber brand with the utmost enthusiasm! We need someone who can problem solve, is self directed, and can find the gaps in our customer experience and fix them. This job can be remote or local.


- Part-time 10+ hours a week

- Position to start week of October 10th

- Work under the guidance of owner Stacie Bloomfield

- Pay based upon experience


- Answer Etsy Convos & customer service emails

- Assist with shipping issues such as filing insurance claims, responding to reports of damaged merchandise, and coordinating replacement shipments

- Direct wholesale inquiries to the proper team member

- Create custom listings for customers and follow up with custom orders


- Google Docs and Excel

- Experience selling on Etsy

- Above average communication skills

- A proper grasp of grammar and spelling

- A friendly demeanor

- Ability to work quickly and be responsive to customer care

- Positive disposition and strong work ethic


- Email a short introduction and a link to examples of your work to hello@gingiber.com by end of day Friday, September  30th, 2016.

Posted by Angie Classen

August Sketch A Day With Gingiber

Happy August!

Sketch A Day August Gingiber

I am so excited to be leading a sketchbook challenge for the month of August! To participate, simply draw something everyday by following the daily prompts listed in this blog post. Then, post your sketch on Instagram with the hashtag #SketchADayWithGingiber! And, be sure to follow me on Instagram @Gingiber! I cannot wait to see your sketches!

August Daily Sketch Prompts

1. Octopus

2. Seal

3. Sea Horse

4. Walrus

5. Otter

6. Jellyfish

7. Whale

8. Skunk

9. Snail

10. Ladybug

11. Raccoon

12. Owl

13. Squirrel

14. Monkey

15. Giraffe

16. Flamingo

17. Unicorn

18. Sloth

19. Snake

20. Swan

21. Cheetah

22. Chicken

23. Cow

24. Pig

25. Deer

26. Sheep

27. Fox

28. Bear

29. Elephant

30. Narwhal

31. Bunny

I hope you follow along!


Posted by Stacie Bloomfield in august, sketchaday

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