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Gingiber Giveaway


I've teamed up with a BUNCH of my favorite illustrators to participate in a month long giveaway palooza! Each day a different illustrator will share an original piece of art that they will then give away to one lucky winner!

Here's my piece:
Gingiber Bison

To win, 

Answer the questions below. The first person with all correct answers posted on my Instagram page wins! 

P.S. all of the trivia is television related, because I LOVE television more than maybe even coffee…. and that is saying a lot!

1. Who was originally cast as Sarah Braverman on "Parenthood"?

2. What was the original title for "Saved By The Bell"?

3. Sean Gunn appeared on "Gilmore Girls" as 2 different characters. What are their names?

4. "Friday Night Lights" fans: What Disney Movie did Scott Porter star in before his staring role on FNL?

5. Who originally was cast as Sookie St. James on "Gilmore Girls"?

6. Why was "About A Boy" cancelled by NBC? This is not a right or wrong answer. I just NEED to know your opinion!!!!

Head on over to my Gingiber Instagram and leave your answers in the comment section. The first person to answer all of the questions correctly wins the print! 

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Thank You 2015!

Gingiber Celebrates 2015

Thank you, 2015, for being a year that stretched me in every way. I grew as a mother, learning to juggle 3 children. I grew as a business woman, opening a small storefront at my Springdale, AR studio. I feel that as an illustrator I had more beautiful projects and illustrations come to life than ever before! I am grateful for every bit of 2015, the good, the hard, the quiet, and the chaotic moments.

2016, what do you have up your sleeve?

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Holiday Moments & Studio Chaos

Christmas Meal

Ask any of my friends. I am OBSESSED with work. I go to my weekly coffee date with my closest people, and my laptop is usually out while we visit. I think about new products, product photography, wholesale accounts, how to have both a storefront and a functioning studio, etc. I also think about how to balance a healthy marriage, 3 kids, part time child care, how to get the dog groomed, how to feed my kids something that isn't "cheese flavored", and how to actually get a load of laundry out of the washing machine and into the dryer before it starts to mildew!

Old Gingiber Studio

BUT, my friends, this week was Christmas! Sure, we moved the Gingiber studio on the 26th of December in the cold and pouring rain. Yet, for 2 whole days, I did not work. I played with my kids, cooked a great Christmas lunch of brisket, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, homemade biscuits, and berry trifle, and managed to sneak away to a holiday party with my husband. My mom came into town and babysat for several hours. And, for 2 whole days, I felt my work anxiety slip away.

My Mom and Dexter

Today, however, that pesky anxiety was back. I started to get overwhelmed with all of the challenges on my plate. How do any of us get anything done when a trip to the local water utilities office takes 30 minutes instead of 5? Or when you forget that all of the baby wipes are in your car instead of at home with the babysitter?


Lately, I've been feeling a lot of those complicated feelings. The knowledge that these problems are good problems to have. If I need to move my studio it is because something better is around the corner. 1 day a week I have the greatest babysitter on the planet love on my kiddos and this allows me to run those long errands (like to the water utilities office) that I could never do with 3 kids in tow.


Do any of you ever get so deep in your own head that you fail to notice the really great things all around you? This is my battle as of late. I'm trying to really "take pause" when I become aware of my thought patterns running away from me. And right now, I am sitting in a coffee shop, instead of sorting through boxes from the studio move. I'm eating banana bread and drinking a chai, and I am breathing deep.

Oh, and I cannot stop looking at photos from my Christmas break with my kids. My kids are a gift. My husband is a gift. And I'm thankful for every bit of it.



Gingiber Is Relocating (AGAIN)

Gingiber Springdale Studio

We've had an exciting year at our downtown Springdale, AR studio. We put a ton of love into this little space. We put down new wood floors. We painted. We styled it & really tried to bring the Gingiber brand to life! And I loved this space and had great plans to expand my retail hours, host crafting events, and solidify my presence in our beautiful historic downtown.

Gingiber Studio Wall

However, a year later, we find ourselves with a great opportunity to relocate just down the street! Our new location is 117 W Emma Ave, right across from one of my favorite stores, Cellar Door Antiques. I'm so excited to make our new location feel like home.

Cute Gingiber Studio Downtown Springdale, AR

I've been Pinning and dreaming about how to decorate it just right. But of course we are moving over Christmas break, which means the name of the game is "get from point A to point B as quickly as possible".

Gingiber Bluebird Wall

It is daunting, moving our location AGAIN. This is like the 7th location on 3 years. And I'm tired of moving. BUT I am hopeful that this location will have all the magic that we need to grow Gingiber to its full potential.

Gingiber Reindeer Onesie

Say a prayer, friends, if you can. I'm feeling really overwhelmed with the challenges in the business from 2015. It was not the year I had hoped for. Still successful, but I feel like we've hit a growth wall, and I'm anxious to troubleshoot our "hiccups". Of course we need these pesky distractions, such as moving the studio, to be over and done with!

Goodbye Gingiber Studio

I want to focus on bringing our kids apparel line back to life! I want to draw the cutest animals to hang in your nursery. I want to be able to take on more licensing projects with partners that I adore (such as The Land of Nod or Tree and The Rock). And, I NEED for Gingiber to grow by leaps and bound. We are taking some HUGE risks in 2016 and I am praying that they pay off!

Here's to 2016. May the best truly be yet to come.