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52 Weeks of Dogs: Week 9: Scottish Terrier

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

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Have you ever seen a puppy Scottish terrier? I mean do yourself a favor and google the. Because I think that they are the cutest, boxiest little pups I've ever seen!

I feel like I need to catch up on dog drawings. For a while I was ahead of the game, having a few reserved in case I had a busy week. This week has been exceptionally challenging. Lots of little life obstacles to overcome.

But at least we can look at cute dog drawings, right? That has to make the day better.

Have a suggestion for a dog you would like to see in this series? Leave a comment below :)


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  • stephanie on

    border collie!

  • Ashlee on

    This pup is adorable! I would love to see a Shih tzu!

  • Rebecca on

    Boxer! and Chihuahua (for my brother, I would never own such a thing…)

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