What's Up, Pup?

Growing up, every Sunday after church equaled a trip to a restaurant with friends and family. I remember growing terribly antsy waiting around for the food, so I would unfold my napkin, borrow my dad's pen, and draw as many puppies as I could think of! Yes, I was 7 and obsessed with 101 Dalmatians, so you don't even want to know how many variations of spotted dogs I came up with!

Oh how I wish my mom had kept all of those napkins..

In a revived passion for doodling pups, I thought that I would share a quick sketch with you that I drew recently. It is a french bulldog. I think she is rather cute! It is a bit more "formal" than I usually draw, but I like it!

Thinking of offering some custom pet portraits? Trying to think of how to make these more special than just a pen and ink drawing..... sigh!

What do you think about offering custom pet portraits?
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