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Styling a Room With Chairish

Hello! It's me, Stacie, blogging after a LONG hiatus. I'm here today to talk about one of my favorite topics, decorating! So I browsed the Accent Chair section of Chairish and found some inspiration.
When I am styling a room, I like to first find one great piece of furniture with a POP of color and pattern to ground the entire living space. The Linen Mid-Century Modern Chair from Chairish with an amazing green ornate pattern won my heart! I put together this mood board inspired by my favorite chair, mixing pattern, shape, and bright color to create an eclectic, yet balanced room plan that is sure to make anyone feel at home.

Vintage Stag Lamp
Konya Turkish Kilim Rug
Carved Artisan Tetuoan Sideboard
Vintage Kilim Pillow
Bamboo Star Shaped Mirror
Begonia Print

Vintage Lao-Thai Throw Pillow

Be sure to browse Chairish yourself and see all of the amazing vintage finds (in every price range) that you are sure to love!

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Pretty Prudent Home: Your Ultimate Guide To A Beautiful Family Home

Hello! I am so excited to talk about this amazing new book, "Pretty Prudent Home: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a Beautiful Family Home", written by some of my favorite, smart & beautiful blogger friends, Jacinda Boneau & Jaime Morrison Curtis, the brains behind the blog Pretty Prudent. This book is filled with amazing home decor tips, 70+ craft projects, and all the ideas to make a beautiful, comfortable, and modern home environment. I've known Jacinda and Jaime online for years. They were one of the first blogs to feature my work, and I've been a blog sponsor for Pretty Prudent in the past. They are really savvy ladies, and I am so happy to see their hard work (and impeccable taste) come to life in this book.

Off the bat, I LOVE the cover (it is the illustrator in me that thinks this rocks)! I am so excited to try out some of their amazing projects, like "Tatoo-Inspired Hand Embroidery" (pg 118), "Simple & Stunning Living Succulent Wreath" (pg 127) & "Gold Leaf Vase" (pg 147).

Also if you look on page 175, you will see one of our Greyhound Illustrations featured as a suggested gift idea for hosts! Thanks ladies for including Gingiber in your awesome book!
I love seeing all of the fresh photography, pops of bold color & seeing some of my favorite blog posts from the Pretty Prudent Blog (like how to make Coffee Cake in a Cup on page 174)! This book is a must have for the have for anyone who enjoys decorating, DIY projects, or a general fun read! There are projects for every budget. I'm loving page 126 with "Ten Super-Low-Budget Decor Ideas", because it is a great go-to reference for how to pretty up any space!
Thanks so much, Pretty Prudent, for sharing your awesome book with me. I hope that this is the beginning of many more books to come from you!

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Dexter Atticus Bloomfield

Hello! I wanted to introduce you (very late) to my son, Dexter Atticus Bloomfield. He was born on December 22nd, 2014 after a horribly uncomfortable pregnancy that ended with 3 weeks of bed rest. Boy, oh boy! What a crazy pregnancy it was! Now, I had fond memories of being pregnant with my daughters, Violet and Lucy. I can say with absolute certainty that I did NOT enjoy my pregnancy with Dexter. The 9 months of baking him included our family relocating back to Arkansas from Oklahoma. We moved the Gingiber studio 2 times. I was sick nonstop during the 3rd trimester. Life was nonstop. Somehow today, though, all I can think about is that I now have 3 incredible kids! Dexter is the perfect little person who has completed our family. And I wouldn't give up those 9 months carrying him for anything.

Dexter is the most loving little boy. Today he is 14 weeks old. I've gotten to know him very well, since I spend almost every waking moment with him. He smiles at me all the time. He is ticklish. Violet calls him my little koala bear because he is always on my shoulder. He was born with a thick head of dark hair and is the spitting image of his father. He is so gentle. His cry is still so small. I adore him.

It has been so hard to get back into the swing of things now that I have 3 children. I cannot begin to describe the struggle to stay relevant as an illustrator while taking a bit more time for my family. Everyday I wake up hoping to get my groove back. A kid is always sick, though. Dexter needs to be fed. Before I know it, the day is done, my kids are (reluctantly) in bed, and I sit contently on my bed zoning out while watching Netflix. Someday work will get easier. But for the moment, I'm trying my best to soak up time with my baby boy, Dexter.

Thanks for reading. I will try to write more frequently.


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The Savanna Line for The Land of Nod

It's time for a Gingiber romp in the Savannah, and you are invited!

The Land of Nod, one of our favorite companies to work with, asked Stacie to design crib and toddler bedding for their spring line and now we get to share it with you! Check out these beautiful images in their new Savanna line!

The bedding comes in crib and toddler size, with some exclusive pillows that are too cute for words! 
To top it off, they have changing pad covers to complete a perfect nursery!
This line goes perfectly with our already popular Safari animal prints and pillows we have in stock.
Thanks to the Land of Nod for making this wonderful line come to life!

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The Fears of Running a Small Business

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my journey with Gingiber. When I was a little kid, all I wanted to be was an artist, or a professional softball player (what can I say, A League of Their Own had a profound impact on me). I remember being in high school, quietly sketching portraits of friends and family. I still thought that maybe I could go to a great Art Institute and figure out how to make this "art" thing work as a career. On holiday breaks, my parents would have me carry around my "portfolio" of work to show off for relatives. During college, I was determined to be the best art student that any of my professors had ever encountered.

But after college, I lost focus. The reality of being a young, married adult sucked the color right out of my life. Then one day, I listed some illustrations on Etsy. Eventually I got my first sale. And slowly, I found so much joy and fulfillment in being an illustrator as my sales grew! It was then that I realized that maybe I could become a successful artist on my own terms.

I quit my day job almost 3 years ago. And the past 3 years have been filled with incredible highs (hello Land of Nod collaboration!) and several lows (failed product launches, stalled sales, etc). I'm about to have my 3rd child, and lately I have been wondering if Gingiber can last. Do I have what it takes to navigate the changing dynamics of online sales? How do I keep the brand relevant? How do I reach my customers and compel them to purchase?

You see, I feel like all of us small businesses are in a "rat race" of sorts. We are all driven to have better websites, better product photos, and exude all of the confidence in the world to our audiences. But you know what? I think that in reality, none of us feel like we can really show our cards. I will openly say that I get scared. I run a SMALL business. It is me, my sister, and a production assistant. I am the only full time employee. Daily I wake up hopeful that sales will be good, that I will pursue the right opportunities, and make savvy business decisions. Yet by the end of the day, I if I've only had a few sales (where last year I would have had 20-30) usually feel defeated. 

I don't know what the answer is. Is my market overly saturated? Do my customers no longer connect with me, the person behind Gingiber? Do the glossy photos and the apparent "success" of the brand no longer compel customers to make purchases? 

Daily I pray that sales go up. I hope that my holiday yields a dynamic season. I hope that I can pay myself. Pay my employees, and pay those pesky taxes. But most of all, I pray for longevity, and that 20 years from now I can still be creating and living this crazy, hard, ever changing dream of being a successful artist.

Do any of you ever feel this way? Surely I am not the only small business owner out there feeling a little lost? Like the old formula just doesn't work anymore? Are customers not buying? Because all of the affirmation in the world feels empty if you can't move your inventory. 

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