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Merrily Sewing Pattern Corrections for Moda

by Stacie Bloomfield / 7 comments

Merrily Quilt

Find updated pattern by clicking HERE.

Hi Friends! I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that Merrily for Moda Fabric has sold incredibly well! We were thrilled that so many stores ordered the fabric, and that this upcoming Christmas there will be sweet GIngiber critters to help decorate for the holidays.

The bad news, to be honest, is that this was my first time having sewing patterns written and sold for Moda. And, it turns out there are a few mistakes in the pattern books. BUT I am publishing the pattern corrections right here, so that if you happened to get one of the patterns and have discovered a problem, we will address it.

You know the best part of making a mistake like this? You learn how to do it better the next time! So, for our upcoming collection, Savannah, we are going to be extra vigilant about finding errors before we go to print!

Merrily Pattern G002:

On the back fabric requirements it says:   9.5" x 10" panels,  it should say 9" x 10.5" panels.  Because on page one, it says to cut panel down to 8.75" x 10.5".

Also on page one, increase the Fabric B strips to 1.5" to accommodate the seam allowance.  

The four blocks on the side finish at 2.75" (3.25" minus seam allowance .5) ,  2.75 times four equals 11" then you have to add .5 back on for the two outside ends 1/4" allowance.  
So the four blocks sewn together will be 11.5"  and the  panel at 10.5 + 1" fabric B will only give you 11", so make the fabric B 1.5" and all is good.

Jolly Wall Quilt Pattern G003:

The dimensions for trimming the panel are incorrect.  They do not take into account the seam allowances on the pieced strips.  The panel should be trimmed to:  17" X 19.75".

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  • Bridget on

    I need some help! I am trying to put together this quilt. I have gotten to the trees and they turn out to be 10" tall instead of 10.5". I followed the directions exactly and all pieces were measured correctly. I checked multiple times and had someone else look too. Can’t figure out what is wrong! Had anyone else had this problem? Worried I won’t have enough fabric now!

  • Mishell on

    Just finished this quilt. Fabric corrections were sent from Moda to replace the original pattern directions in each kit purchased by the fabric shop I work at, so no problem understanding directions. Very cute quilt, actually fun to put together. I cut everything out and put each of the groups of strip sizes in labeled baggies. This kept everything organized. I did the first row block by block to see how it would go together. After that I found I could group blocks together and stitch the same size pieces on all. I did refer A LOT back to the cover to keep everything straight.
    A Very cute quilt. Especially fun to put together since every block is different.

  • Kathryn Bigelow on

    Love the quilt but instructions on putting blocks together leave a lot to be desired. When adding background strips to blocks it doesn’t say which size goes where. You needed to show sizes of strips and where to place them. Just looking at the picture doesn’t help. I finally did it my way and got the quilt to come out to the size it was suppose to be. Could of had it done much faster if sizes were shown.

  • Judy on

    HELP – My friend and I are attempting to put House A together – when putting the square together, none of the strips called for seem to meet at the bottom – either shorter or longer – the cutting instructions for the houses are not clearly defined and we have had a lot of difficulty trying to figure it out – what are you referring to as Fabric “B” – what size is s the financial shed House A square supposed to be / thank you !

  • Jacque Wenzel on

    Please email a copy of the Merrily corrections that I can print. We are featuring Merrily in our QuiltSitters program this Th., Fri. and Sat. I’d rather not take the time to type and proof your instructions if you can help out here.
    Yes, I did try to copy from the website, but you have it encrypted nicely. Good for you.
    Best of BERNINA Plano (Tx)

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