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Farm Fresh Panel Quilt Corrections

by Stacie Bloomfield

Farm Fresh Panel Quilt Corrections:


Image needs updated to NOT include extra horizontal strips.
Page 1: 
cut down to 14”x14” NOT the originally stated 13.5”x13.5”.
-Cut the Bella Solid into 4(not 3) -2”x WOF strips
Sub-cut into
8(not 7)- 2”x14” pieces
Sew a 2”x14” piece to each side of all 4 panels, even the rooster needs strips added on both sides.
Page 2:
Border fabrics- cut 25 - 5” x 5” (you will have cut 11 more from other specifically named fabrics and binding fabric, for a total of 36 squares to complete the border)
Trim the blocks to measure 14”x14” NOT the originally stated 13.5”x13.5”.
Page 5:
This step is optional. If you have come to this corrections page and you already trimmed the panel blocks to 13.5”x13.5” this step can help you finish the quilt without too much hassle and without purchasing any extra fabric. Your quilt will finish at 48"x48"
Optional Corrective Step- From the outside segments, trim down the (8) 5"x5" blocks, that are centered beside each panel, to 4.5"x5". Removing this 1/2" will correct the size so your seems will align when using panel blocks cut at 13.5"x13.5". DO NOT do this step if you have trimmed your panel blocks to 14"x14".

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