d.i.y. striped rug

So I have had quite the undertaking with my home here in Arkansas. We have had 3 separate floods within 1 year that resulted in all of our carpet being removed due to water damage. Well, we finally got real carpet installed in our home! However, my tan couch on top of my tan carpet left me needing something to balance the room, both spatially and in terms of color. Also, I tend to love my floral prints (see couch for proof). So, I decided to reuse two old rugs that used to lay on our cement slab floors and give them a makeover! Brown vertical stripes really grounded my couch, and I am really glad I did it. And, it only required some masking tape and a can of spray paint!

Here's how I did it:
 1. Tape off the entire length of the rug with tape. I stuck with a simple striped pattern, but I would love to try this with a stencil from Stencil1.
 2. Next, Take the rug outside on a sunny day and spray paint away! Be sure not to over saturate the fabric, because this could cause the paint to run. Be sure to use flat paint.
3. Let the paint dray for at least an hour before removing the tape.
4. Carefully remove the tape to reveal your new painted rug!
Just so you know, The rug looks great, and I really cannot tell that I used spray paint for the pattern, because it feels really natural to the touch. I think the key is to not over saturate the rug.

I know that there are a lot of D.I.Y.'s out there, but just know that some projects are as simple as getting an idea in your head and going for it. This is one of those D.I.Y.'s, and I hope that it inspires you to take a few hours during a lovely day and accomplish something great!

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