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etsy sneak peak
Alright. I decided to expand on my little owls. This trio will be ON SALE TOMORROW in my gingiber etsy shop! Please do check them out! I am kinda partial to them..... if the don't sell I guess Violet will have some new little buddies to play with!

Violet is sick.... yet again. Keep the little one in your thoughts.

Thanks for all of the sweet comments recently! You have brightened my day!

Oh, and did you know that I have a twitter? The link is in my right hand column, but you can also just click here to follow me!

Alright, see you tomorrow for the mini shop update!

Posted by Stacie Bloomfield in crafts, etsy, gingiber, gingibersnap


The owls are super cute! I hope all will be well soon, sending your positive energy and well wishes :)

Posted by linda on June 25, 2014

I’m praying for sweet Violet, and you. It is so hard with a sick baby. Especially when they seem to be sick so often. We have been through these times with Madi, and they are just no fun. Hang in there. You are a wonderful mommy. I’d love to see you soon. Maybe this summer we can work something out while I’m in Arkansas.

Posted by Watts Family on June 25, 2014

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