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what what? two prints in one week?

by Stacie Bloomfield / 1 comment

Alrighty, folks.

I set out to make something else entirely, but came up with this (I would say) witty print! Do you agree?

Ah, the battle cry of the eternal hermit. Yes, everyone knows that the polite thing to say to a friend who is far away is, "I wish you were here". But let's get real: A good majority of us like our alone time.

If what I have described sounds all too familiar, then perhaps this lovey print is for you!

The image size is approximately 8X10 with a small white border on archival paper. 

Alright, folks, I've got some pretty fun posts planned for the near future: An interview with this lovely artist behind "blackoutwell"
Amy Blackwell

And an idea board involving the redecorating of Miss Violet's bedroom, involving this pretty fabric:
Have a good evening!


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  • Jenna on

    This print is a statement for my whole entire life. Bravo.

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