home sweet home (something smells)

This is a picture of Nathan and I on the day we bought our first home. We were newlyweds, excited to enter home ownership. It was a small house, not even 800 square feet. 2 bedrooms, one bath, adorable dining nook, and a quaint back porch under a canopy of mature shade trees. I was quite happy to have place to call home.

Yet, often with home ownership, there were some unexpected hiccups along the way. Like on the morning of our 6 month wedding anniversary, the ceiling in our guest bedroom literally collapsed! The house had plaster walls and ceilings, so you can imagine our horror when 200+ lbs of ceiling came falling from the sky. As it turns out, the previous owners had tried to do some shady repairs on the old home (built in 1946) and we got to witness the fallout. Nathan and I were in college at the time, and of course the ceiling fiasco was the same week as our finals. And the same week Nathan was a groomsman in his best friend's wedding. And the week before Christmas. Oh, good memories....

The next year, Nathan and I decided to have Central Air and Heat installed in the little home. We called around, got our quotes, saved our money, and were so excited when our HVAC specialist showed up to our home in late September to begin installation. Let's just say that our HVAC guy started work, ripped a big dirty hole in our floor, and then never showed up again to finish the job! We called and called to get the job done, but it was not until we had a November snow storm (and a mighty cold house) that someone from the HVAC company came and finished the job.

Today, living in an entirely different home in Arkansas, we began to smell a strange odor coming out from our heating unit. What could it be? Mold or Mildew? A Leak? Is this why Violet has been coughing so much? I am wondering if the trials of home ownership are going to rear their ugly head, once again.

First thing in the morning an HVAC specialist is going to examine the home. They've never heard of a sweet smell coming from a heating vent. I hope we get this resolved soon! We've turned the heat off for the night (the smell only occurs when the heat comes on).

Tonight we will snuggle under blankets (Violet loves to cuddle on the couch). We will watch way too much Netflix. And we will quietly remember that sometimes home ownership is not all it is cracked up to be.
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