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what's love got to do with it?

by Stacie Bloomfield / 7 comments

What's love got to do with it? Everything, that is, if you are referring to my recent decision to set up Nathan's drum set in our bedroom.

Let's backtrack a bit. When Nathan and I started dating, he was a happy go lucky college student, gleefully playing the drums and church and giving drum lessons to pay the bills. Somehow over the years, life intervened, and my sweet husband had to pack up his drum kit and put it into storage. It probably had something to do with moving to a small house, starting grad school, moving to a new state, having a child, etc.

Fast forward to this year. Nathan is a focused mathematician. Math is what he does for fun! He is never without a pencil and a notebook, diligently working away at his math dissertation. Then an opportunity arose for Nathan to play the drums at the church we had started frequenting (shout out to Vintage Fellowship). I could tell that Nathan was rather pumped, but intimidated, as he had not played the drums in 3 years.

So yesterday, as we were snowed in, I decided that we HAD to find a place for the drums in our home. Having a 2 year old posed a significant challenge, as we could not set the drum kit up in the dining room or living room (little fingers and such). The only option was our own master bedroom.

I like pretty things. Drums are not pretty. But these drums happen to be a maroon shade, which happens to sort of go with our bedspread (the lovely Liberty of London Quilt that just about EVERYONE seems to have bought last spring). I cleared out a large space next to the bed while Nathan and Violet were sleeping. When he woke up, I had pulled as many of the drum heads out of storage and put them in the corner, waiting for him to come set up!

He is one happy husband. And I love him so much. And I want him to have a creative outlet again.

So, in answering Tina Turner's infamous question: what's love got to do with it? Everything!

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  • freaked out 'n small on

    You are an incredible wife! LOL! My husband also plays the drums, but had to leave them in California when we moved to Kentucky (just too much to bring). He’s been like a little boy that lost his puppy for the last 4 months without them. I have to think of something! Our house is so small I have no idea what to do with them here though! :)

  • Leslie on

    I hear ya Stacie! We have 9, yes you read that correctly, NINE guitar cases filled with guitars in our bedroom. I don’t even want to talk about the garage. Alan is a bit of a collector of guitars and amps. I feel your pain…er…I mean love!

  • megan lane on

    haha! aw what an awesome wifey you are!! at least they’re in the same color scheme as your bedroom (sad i missed out on that quilt by the way!) let’s hope he doesn’t play those in the morning while you are still in bed! hubby i fortunate to have his very own cave, where all of his guitars and various other instruments and gear lives. this however means we have no guest bedroom & our bedroom doubles as my office & crafting space. gotta do what you can with a limited amount of space!

  • Jill on

    Everything indeed!

  • Gingiber on

    Thanks, everyone! I sure do like to keep my man happy! Now we just have to figure out a drum schedule so that he will not send the dogs into a tizzy every time he plays!

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