Past and Present

I was quite inspired by Rachel Denbow's recent post entitled "Past and Present", so I thought that I would write a similar post so that you all could get to know me a bit more personally!


*When I was born I contracted a serious infection in the hospital. Another baby girl born the same day as me got the same infection and died from it. If it wasn't for my amazing pediatrician who tried an unconventional treatment for my illness, I might not be here today!

* I loved softball so much as a little girl! I dreamed of playing professional softball someday, and watched "A League of Their Own" religiously.

* While in the first grade, I gave a boy a black eye, but not from punching him in the face, but rather because I liked to spin around during recess with my arms outstretched. He just so happened to walk into my fist mid-flight!

* I have been my height (5'8.5'') since about the 6th grade. Thanks puberty. I was tall and awkward, and wore braces for 6 years. My various childhood nicknames included "Jolly Green Giant" "Eiffel Tower" and "Big Bird". And yes, I developed quite the low self esteem.

* I was OBSESSED with the band Switchfoot. Like I had issues. I had an entire wall of my room devoted to them. Yes, it was a shrine. And yes, the remains of my wall are boxed up in my garage now.

* I used to be a health nut in high school! No white sugar or flour EVER for 2 years. I also worked out at least 4 times a week.

* I was in charge of EVERY student group possible in high school. StuCo president, FCA president for a while, Yearbook Editor, Valedictorian. Etc. I am way less ambitious now :)

* I was homecoming queen my senior year of high school!


* I am a poor conversationalist, partly because my face makes inadvertent awkward faces during discussion! Oh, and I tend to over share information upon first meeting someone.... yikes

* I am more in love with my husband, Nathan, today, than I ever have been during our entire courtship.

* I still have an extremely low self esteem, and have battled depression on and off during my adult life. Stupid example, but I got my engagement and wedding photos taken by a downtown Springfield photographer. His assistant at the time worked with me at Starbucks. She was to deliver the proofs to me, and decided to show several of our customers the proofs before I ever saw them. One customer in particular came up to me and said, "I saw your pictures! I mean, your are really not that pretty at all, you know, but these pictures make you look alright!" And he meant it as a sweet compliment. It kinda crushed me. This is why I hardly ever post pictures of myself on the blog.

* I am a terrific cook. If the hubby and I weren't trying to eat better, I could give Martha a run for her money.

* I long for the day that I can quit my day job. Yet I feel like I am not aloud to say that because it might appear to that I am not committed to my day job. A girl can dream, right? (Side note: I really do have a lovely day job and work with amazing people).

* Not gonna lie, I would really love a nose job (just being honest).

* I am often lonely, and wish I was better at keeping in touch with people.

* I live in fear too often. Sometimes fear prevents me from enjoying the present, small things in life that are precious to me. Why do I let fear rule my life?

So, thanks for reading this. Hope that it is not too much of a downer! But this is me! Please feel free to do something similar on your blogs (just like Rachel encouraged readers to do on her blog). I'd love to learn more about you all!

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