14 Weeks Pregnant

I am 14 weeks and some odd days pregnant. Over the weekend I really popped out! Along with a bigger baby belly came those unfortunate marks of motherhood, stretchmarks..... I will take this moment to say that I ENVY any woman who is able to make it through 40 weeks of pregnancy without those pesky little blemishes!

In case stretch marks are not your thing (hehe) the baby flutters are happening more frequently. I am so in love with this little baby! I bought 2 onesies this weekend, one for if it is a boy, and one for if it is a girl. For some reason this makes it feel more real, investing money in the baby's wardrobe. I also purchased a new crib from Ikea, as the crib we used with Violet is out of commission (see 20 years old and a few safety regulations short).

Oh, on a side note, congratulations to Moriah over at Josiah's Nest! Her adorable daughter Lucia was born today! How very exciting!

So does an every other week pregnancy update work for you guys?
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